ANSWER–is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. The main participants in this market are the larger world banks and financial institutions around the world, trading between a wide range of different types of buyers and sellers around the clock, with the exception of weekends. . The foreign exchange market determines the relative values or strength of a currency

2–How can I learn Forex trading? 

 A… Read articles and books written by expert traders, search for famous traders and try to learn from their trading style. Stay away from Forex scam and marketers you can learn everything for free thanks to Google.

 3…Does Forex make good money? 

 A–Forex is easy but make sure you train in technical and fundamental side of trading before you take the plunge with real money.

 4…Is Forex creditable or fake? 

 A–Forex is a legitimate way to make money. The biggest problem is that many newbie try and enter the Forex market with minimal knowledge and attempt to make huge profit. Novice traders use the maximum leverage available to them and bust out quickly. Forex trading takes time and education to master. It is not something too be entered into lightly

 5–Is Forex Trading Very Risky?


A– It is considered risky as the trades are conducted using leverage. This can increase the chances of a bigger loss. Also, the currency market moves very quickly and is extremely volatile. Unless you know what you are doing I would stay right away

 6–When should I trade Forex? 

 A–Forex never sleeps; You can execute Forex trading online 24/7, from 7AM New Zealand time on Monday morning, to 5PM New York time on Friday evening. No waiting for markets to open: they’re open all night! This makes Forex trading online a very attractive component that fits easily into your day (or night!) 

Most movement is around news releases so you should be careful then.

 7–What is Forex benefit? 


A–Forex is VERY profitable. But unfortunately is it a very fast way to lose your money as well. You need to be careful and do extensive research before trading Forex. I say this because Forex is a Decentralized market. There is no institutions or Forex exchange that provide REAL price or one centralized market place to buy/sell. As a result, traders are at the mercy of the brokers

 8–Why people fail in trading Forex? 

A —Poor training is what will make you fail, look for a mentor who will take you step by step. also your broker will also contribute to your failure do proper research on which broker to use

 9…. Is Forex a possible job? 

 A–yes but be patient before throwing your money in, unless a currency’s at a ridiculous low that you know must go up. Spend a few days observing and you’ll figure out yourself how the whole thing works.

 10–How do I choose a good Forex broker?

 A– A good broker don’t increase the spread when you make orders and the one who is regulated