Globalization:Advantages and disadvantages on the internet
Globalization:Advantages and disadvantages on the internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of  the Internet in resent past decade has been characterized by the tremendous increase in the internet usage and computerized modes of communication; this evolution shows Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet. Today, internet has become the most powerful tool. Internet is a collection of various services and information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The internet carries enough information in their chat rooms, celebrity websites and search engines. It has also business tools for the modern scenario. It has brought the world into a single room starting from news from all over the world, knowledge about shopping, buying of tickets of the favorite movie, advertisement and recruitment purposes.

The best advantages of the internet are communication. It is faster and very reliable, and it has brought about great interaction of people across the world especially through social media. Video conferencing is one of the latest developments in technology. Internet allows people within an organization to easily share information. It serves as the reservoir of information, search engines such as Google are part of Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet,

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet in the human race

Yahoo are freely available and contain all source of information ranging from government law and services, business, trade fairs, conferences, new ideas and technical support, market information and the list is endless. Learners gain quite much from the internet. They gather substantial research resources from the internet.
Moreover, internet provides raw data which reduces researcher’s time and efforts. In entertainment sector, Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet  include participation in fun activities such as computer games, downloading of games, surfing and chats with relatives and friends across the world.

Most of the services today are provided on the internet such as banking, job seeking, and purchasing tickets for your favorite’s movies, guidance, tourism information and hotel reservations. Online trading is also an advantage of the internet. Almost all real amazing products needed are available from online and are of quite broad range of products such as household, technology and entertainment as one of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet.

Also individuals can access information from a distance location. Internet has made it possible to reach the difficult to contact participants. The disadvantages includes hacking on peoples mail and stealing people important information such as name, address, credit card number among. Spamming could be very frustrating to an individual.

Virus threat which halt functioning of a computer. Pornography is also another threat to people especially to the young children. Internet facility is not accessible to everyone and requires some training. Information such as instructions how to make bombs, silencers and dangerous materials is available from the internet. This freely available information can be misused and be part of Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet as a recruitment tool

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Over the past decades; employers have experienced a significant transformation in their companies. These organizations have become dependent on internet for both communication and business processes. Globalization and increased economic interdependence between different nations all over the world and the crisis being experienced in different regions of the world has enabled the fast internet dependence.

The continuing global economics recession and the increased popularity of social sites are the key factors that make social media irresistible. Online jobs advertisement has increased significantly over the past decades. Internet marketing is not strange; companies had been using e-mail and other online campaigns to market their brands globally. There are four dominant reasons that makes consumer get involved in social media to retrieve information about their travel.

These benefits include functional benefits, social benefit, psychological and Hedonic. Functional benefits include the knowledge gained which might facilitate decision making and exchange of information between travelers. The social and hedonic benefits can be argued to be secondary benefits Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet.

The psychological aspects are portrayed by the sense of belonging gained by the consumer upon informing themselves about their travel destination. Moreover, it brings about identity expression in line with the community information retrieved from these social media.

This is part of Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet.